domenica 4 gennaio 2015

Heretical Design

    Pannello HELP 2011 Andrea Branzi

   Grandi Legni 2009 GL 02 Andrea Branzi

    Collezione Figurine 2011 Andrea Branzi

lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

Design / Miami 2014

Untitled brooch/ Andrea Branzi, 1998
Silver, gold

Courtesy of Caroline Van Hoek

Piccolo Albero 1991 - Andrea Branzi

Miami/Basel 2014

                         Mobile MANIA - Alessamdro Mendini  2008  edizione limitata

Abaco Alessandro Mendini  - Disegno d'archivio

Mobile Mania Alessandro Mendini 2008 presentato Design/Miami 2014 da Casati Gallery  Chicago

mercoledì 26 novembre 2014


Visite privée de l'exposition
Andrea Branzi 
jeudi 27 novembre
à 19h

Rendez-vous à
l'espace Saint-Rémi,
4 rue Jouannet à Bordeaux
Nombre de places limité,
par mail

ou par téléphone
au 05 56 10 14 04
Plus d’informations
et tarifs sur

Constance Rubini,
directrice du musée et commissaire de l'exposition 
 vous propose une visite de l'exposition Andrea Branzi, Pleased to meet you, 50 ans de création

Retrouvez-nous sur

Cette visite sera suivie d'un verre offert par
les Crus Bourgeois du Médoc, partenaires des
Jeudis du musée.


venerdì 24 ottobre 2014


Opening "Design is a state of mind" by
Martino Gamper 



Collection Grandi Legni  2010
Andrea Branzi 

unique piece

GL 17
Frame made of ancient beams with hand-made cuts, joints and colourings. Hanging containing furniture in massive larch reproducing Chinese embroideries and paintings on the doors. Hanging bird cage made of enamelled metal.
250 x 30 x h 240 cm

This works in the exhibition


lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

MIA & D - Singapore


Design Gallery Milano 

24 -26 October 2014
Marina Bay Sands - Singapore
Sands Expo & Convention Center  

Stand  10  -  Corridor B


"The objects which are in the house around people are never completely functional
instruments, but must be understood as friendly presences which bring good luck."
Andrea Branzi

Pierced Bookcase  - Andrea Branzi  2006

Bookcase in stainless steel structure with movable shelf in wickers  and
shaped  crystal adjustable by steel cables.
270 x 50 x h. 195 cm.

Limited edition of 12 signed and numbered pieces.

« I’ve always been fascinated by those parts of nature which still release a great expressive force,
even more powerful when they are associated with modern, perfect and industrial materials;
they turn into a mysterious presence that is always different,unique, and almost sacred. »
Andrea Branzi


Piccolo Albero - Andrea Branzi  1991

Bookcase in mirrrored stainless steel.
90 x 30 x h 205 cm.

Limited edition of 6 signed and numbered piecies